• Cheryl Pershey

RTW - Confusing and Chaotic

Everyone should be paying attention, as we knew RTW from WFH would be confusing and chaotic.

In an era where workplace violence has been steadily increasing, alongside hardline partisan viewpoints, throwing Covid-19 into the mix and asking front-line managers to enforce mask and testing policies on the unvaccinated is going to be problematic.

Large numbers of self-identified leaders have expressed difficulty with uncomfortable conversations, it's hard to imagine being excited about serving as "hall monitors" in the era of pandemic, stress, burnout, a disturbing increase in the lack of civility and lack of adherence to the "do unto others" rule.

There will be no true winners or losers around this issue, rather it's about being prepared. If you're needing help preparing for and becoming comfortable with necessary difficult conversations, reach out. I'm here to help.

How do you plan to respond when your business is back in the office with vaccinated/unvaccinated factions? If you're already back, how's it working out? Share successes and not so good experiences in the comments below...

Originally posted to LinkedIn 07/30/2021

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