• Cheryl Pershey

Zombies Are Real!

2020 was unprecedented. While there were a few companies which lined their pockets with mountains of coin, most ran into brick walls, and some were crushed by challenges from all sides. Why? Because Zombies are real...

To thrive early on, some companies adopted Zombie mentality, feeding off prior year successes while ignoring the onslaught of technology and innovation happening around them.

The problem is Zombies feed by infecting everything around them. It is not the way to stabilize and boost survivability in chaotic business climates because when a Zombie infection becomes severe enough, the company itself becomes rotten at its core, leaving it with little to no chance of survivability. It's happening everywhere you look: retail, hospitality, technology and more, seriously impacting mom and pop small businesses because they didn't have the necessary inoculants to withstand the onslaught.

Initially celebrated for encouraging and accelerating collaboration, remote work has on another dimension for Zombie stalwarts. Managers and executives are reporting a top reason for their increased stress and frustration has to do with an inability to subdue and thwart these informational, culture-based and socio-political silos.

In these enterprises, employees are fighting skirmishes of their own in the virtual workspace, due to compromised budgets, unrealistic performance expectations and dwindling resources.

As a result of mental health issues, social alienation, fear and other culture ideation, disengaged and agitated employees have begun to engage in sabotage, which negatively impacts operational and financial performance.

A company’s number one strength, employees are the heartbeat and the best brand ambassadors. When optimized and engaged, they positively interact with peers, customers, and vendors, resulting in enhanced performance and profitability.

On the other side of the coin, dysfunctional teams are the number one negative impact on your business’ bottom line. A bad team will never thrive or perform consistently, on average producing a decline in ROI averaging 20%.

Dynamic and optimized high performance teams don’t just happen – they must be carefully curated, nurtured and developed to drive successful outcomes. Think Leaders at All Levels. If you want to get ahead of the Zombie onslaught, it's time to start thinking differently, embracing and investing in the people already on your teams.

And yes, change management is not for the faint of heart. It can be messy, and sometimes even volatile - that's why it's necessary to get leadership buy in to commitment to the long game if they expect optimal results.

Any of this sound familiar? Your organization can’t afford continued debilitation as the result of an unproductive, disengaged and fearful workforce. The more time that goes by, the more Zombies will infiltrate your business space. It’s time to inoculate your environment against infestation. Schedule Today so we can get to the bottom of your Zombie experience.

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