• Cheryl Pershey

Leading SMART when you should be Leading BETTER?

SMART goals are all fine and good, but it you want to be serious about leading high performance groups in 2021, it’s time to focus on a BETTER level of measurement.

BETTER is defined as the process of improving or becoming more effective. BETTER works because it is oriented on continually surpassing previous goals.

BETTER teams result in increased trust amongst co-workers leading to higher rates of interaction and collaboration because everyone is working in sync to diminish and resolve conflicts. Most importantly, they have a positive impact on bottom line profitability.

As a leader of a BETTER high performance team, concentrate on:

  • Believing in actionable goals – big picture and specific details. Clarity depends on depth of focus. When leaders understand and can align company strategies with optimized talent it enables and empowers teams to high performance.

  • Emotionally connecting to the desired outcome and own it. Don’t bite off more than can realistically be accomplished. This requires knowing the story of each team member to leverage their strengths and provide support and nurture where needed.

  • Thinking about what action steps are needed every day to accomplish the goal. Goals are accomplished one little bit at a time. Small wins will end up being big wins if you take the time to get there.

  • Tracking progress so everyone can follow the verifiable evidentiary path from inception to completion. Communication is key. Be transparent and let your people know what’s going on.

  • Energetically establish the baseline vision for the team; communication strategies; individual buy-ins and results ownership. Here’s where psychological safety becomes important. Everyone must comfortably belong in the group and feel included. You set the tone for the biosphere and culture. It’s up to you to encourage diversity of thought and active listening within the group.

  • Refine, Refine, and Refine – This is the part where you flex, adapt and step lively, especially in the current chaotic business landscape. Evolution and enhancement depend upon continually review and refinement of what did and did not work. This is where you compile your Takeaways, Need Some Mores and Forget About 'Ems. It’s an ongoing process and everyone should have a say. Consensus builds trust and BETTER performance.

Want to know more? Schedule an introductory call and let’s talk about your vision of a BETTER team.

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