• Cheryl Pershey

Holistic Wellness or Euphoric High… Which B2B Is Best?

Thinking about whether B2B services are vitamins or pain killers and which is better for companies, I had a few thoughts to share...

Vitamins are...

  • Slow and steady as a turtle, it's a slow climb but eventually results show up - vitamins and supplements are categorized as preventative tactics because transformation occurs over time.

  • Initially, change is subtle.

  • Over time, change can be stabilized and maintained as the pre-existing trajectory has been altered.

Pain Killers are…

  • Quick as a rabbit – the user receives almost instantaneous gratification. These tactics, highly favored by C-suite executives, are often categorized as defensive and reactionary. They are used to stem the bleeding and divert attention.

  • The unaddressed situation will only exacerbate when the initial quick fix wears off, contributing to a deepening crisis and downward spiral.

  • Systemic root cause must be therapeutically addressed to effectively resolve.

Unfortunately, the answer isn’t as obvious as it should be. Business leaders are prioritizing quick fixes over the long game, wanting problems fixed today – yesterday, if possible. Considering the short average tenure of a CEO, something’s always left undone, contributing to the cycle.

No one gets a break, as this phenomenon occurs in companies of all size, industry and profitability, leaving a growing heap of long-term cataclysmic damage to be dealt with. The damage can only be resolved one of two ways:

  1. The business goes bye-bye. Eventually, the downward spiral collapses in on itself and there is no other alternative; or

  2. The business decides it’s had enough of the B2B emergency room, maybe it’s time to focus on a more holistic solution.

At, our signature service triage focuses on relieving initial discomfort and then getting to work diagnosing systemic root cause. Together, we’ll come up with an appropriate action plan, along with appropriate holistic solutions (addressing talent, systems, and process concerns) to restore your company’s well being and produce healthy financial results.

Ready to get started? Let’s schedule a time to review your situation.

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