My work is about empowering employees and organizations to love the work they do together.

Working with ethical, forward-thinking, diverse teams and organizations invested in dynamic and energetic solutions to dysfunction and disruption is my passion. This is true now with the new challenges and opportunities businesses face, especially with changing workforce dynamics.

Why? People and their stories are an integral part of  businesses success. Not only the heartbeat and most expensive asset, people are the essential element most often overlooked. I learned this first-hand.


My “aha” moment came as a result of becoming an “invisible visible”. Traumatic Brain Injury led to neuro-cognitive work focused on rewiring my brain circuitry. Working hard to pick up the pieces, enter Cheryl 2.0 – transformed, with new superpowers. 


My superpowers? The ability to get to places others can't, while deciphering clues, identifying blind spots, connecting dots, and designing innovative solutions. An ordinary person with extraordinary vision to see and process things others can't is how I produce sustained results. 


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Think different in order to change the rules.

By definition, if you don't change the rules you aren't a revolutionary, and if you don't think different,

you won't change the rules. 

Guy Kawasaki, Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist & Author